My trips to Russia in February are always most interesting. To see Red Square and St. Basil's under a blanket of snow is a picture one will never forget. To ride a TROIKA, (sleigh drawn by three horses) through the Russian countryside with my Russian fur cap and a little of the local Vodke is out of a scene from Doctor Zhivago. To see the residences of past royal families, churches and historic buildings built centuries ago in the crisp white snow is right from the calendars of Currier and Ives.
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Then to walk into the Black Russian Terrier show of shows, EURASIA and see 150 BRT's is a feeling words cannot express. The Black Russian Terriers are at their best - each is groomed to perfection. They lay on homemade quilts, oriental rugs or blankets of multi colors all about the show ring. Some are alone, some in pairs, some with children next to them and others getting the last minute touch up. You stand there with camera in hand not knowing what to do first or which BRT to photograph.

Moscow, the Russian people and the BRT's - a triangle of pure perfection...go sometime and see for yourself.

If I can help you with getting a BRT, bringing one home or just answering a question please call or email.

Welcome to the wonderful world of our " AMBASSADOR of the World "..the BLACK RUSSIAN TERRIER.